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LifePreserve Income Protection Insurance coverage is provided by an individual disability income insurance policy underwritten by Principal Life Insurance Company, 711 High Street, Des Moines, IA 50392. Policy number: ICC16 LP-STD-IND-POL-2015 (8-15), Connecticut: LP-STD-IND-POL-2015-CT (8-15), Delaware: LP-STD-IND-POL-2015-DE (8-15), South Dakota: LP-STD-IND-POL-2015-SD (8-15), Washington DC: LP-STD-IND-POL-2015-DC (8-15). The insurance offered and described in this website provides short-term benefits and excludes coverage of certain causes of disability such as uncomplicated pregnancy or childbirth and certain mental and nervous conditions. This information is not a contract of insurance or a complete statement of the rights, limitations and exclusions of the policy. The complete terms and conditions of coverage are set forth in the policies issued in the state in which they are delivered, and are subject to the laws of the state in which they are issued. LifePreserve Income Protection Insurance is not intended to be an alternative to comprehensive medical coverage. It does not provide medical expense coverage, nor is it intended to replace any medical insurance. LifePreserve and the LifePreserve logo are trademarks of LifePreserve, LLC. LifePreserve is not a member of the Principal Financial Group, and Principal Life Insurance Company is not affiliated or responsible for LifePreserve Income Wellness plans or the Income Wellness services included in the Income Protection Plan. LifePreserve assumes no liability for non-insurance services provided by third parties. CLICK HERE to download and view LifePreserve’s Privacy Policy.