Important Notice

LifePreserve has suspended new sales of its Income Protection and Financial Wellness products, after more than five remarkable years of making Income Protection Insurance accessible to working Americans.

To all of our current policyholders know that your policy will stay in effect as long as you continue to pay your premium. Your policy and services will continue to be administered by LifePreserve and you can continue to access your account and documents by using the “Sign In” button above. If you have any questions you can contact our customer support line utilizing the contact methods below.

Phone: 1-800-959-9379

To everyone who has been a customer or who as followed us during our journey: thank you for trusting us with your Income Protection needs. We’re hopeful the future holds a new and improved LifePreserve and that we will be able to help new customers again soon.

Life Happens!

Every 7 seconds, someone in the US suffers an illness, injury or accident that will keep them out of work for at least 1 month.* Stay afloat when it happens to you.

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What is LifePreserve?

LifePreserve provides financial wellness counselors to help you take control your financial picture before you suffer an illness or injury. After an illness or injury, LifePreserve provides disability resources to assist you, and insurance coverage to provide cash income benefits.

Why LifePreserve?

LifePreserve offers an easy and affordable financial wellness plan normally available only in large companies and high quality Income Protection Insurance through Principal Life, an A.M. BEST A+ rated insurer**

1 LifePreserve experts help you manage your money, plan for your future and mitigate your risks provided by askAFS, Minneapolis, MN.
2 To analyze the burden disability could have on you financially and identify resources and opportunities that may reduce that financial burden provided by Allsup Inc., Belleville, IL.
3 A detailed guidebook that outlines available resources, budget management advice, tax and other important considerations tailored to your particular situation.
4 Income Protection Insurance is provided as individual disability insurance by Principal Life Insurance Company, Des Moines, IA 50392. Policy number: ICC16 LP-STD-IND-POL-2015 (8-15), Connecticut: LP-STD-IND-POL-2015-CT (8-15), Delaware: LP-STD-IND-POL-2015-DE (8-15), South Dakota: LP-STD-IND-POL-2015-SD (8-15), Washington DC: LP-STD-IND-POL-2015-DC (8-15).
5 Applying for social security disability benefits can be a long, stressful process. LifePreserve provides support after cash benefits end by providing a social security Disability Advocate to review your case and advise you about the process.
Refer to our Why LifePreserve section for all policy rights and limitations.

*Source: The Disability Disconnect" [Infographic]. Counsel for Disability Awareness (n.d.). Retrieved 06/2016.
**A+ (Superior) is the second highest of 13 rating levels by A.M. Best Company.